Kitchen Booking at Darjon Vineyard

All persons using the kitchen must have a safe food handling certificate.

The full use of the kitchen ovens and dishes is not included in the venue hire at Darjon. The caterer is to book in advance with Meris or Robin for the use of the kitchen, likely equipment needed and also give time of arrival.

Remember you cannot arrive when the ceremony is on as you will be seen in front of the garden.
Any caterer requiring the ovens will be required to pay a $100 cost towards power and deeper cleaning.

The invoicing for this and payment to Meris in advance of use.

  • The caterers are to make an inventory of kitchen items used and ensure they leave the correct number of baking trays, plates, bowls and utensils supplied by Darjon on leaving.
  • The washing up of caterers plates, cutlery must be done off site.
  • The kitchen is also used by the bar staff so only the back half is available for the caterers to use.
  • All food waste and all rubbish must be removed by the caterer.
  • On leaving the caterer is to ensure the ovens and the kitchen is clean and all borrowed items are accounted for and to have this checked by our duty manager before departure.
  • Deep frying is not allowed inside the kitchen as we are not covered for this on our insurance. This can be done outside on a trestle.
  • Please ensure any fat spillage is kept to a minimum and cleaned up immediately.
  • Please ensure heating lights , and ovens are switched off when leaving.
  • Items in the upright walk in cupboard belong to Darjon and are not to be used by caterers.
  • Please ensure if you have agreed to leave food for the clients that you use the client’s bowls for them to take food home in. Please do not use our bowls for this ,if they have not supplied anything then you cannot leave the food.
  • Every effort is made to have the benches clean and clear for you to work on and we like all caterers to report on arrival to the owners Robin or Meris and not to bar staff , to check kitchen and go over planned event management for the day.

Please also sign off with us on departure.
This will ensure the event runs well.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.